Customer FAQs

Here you can get answers to everything related to finding apps and software relevant to you as well as questions regarding making a purchase on SoftwarePOP. If you don't find your answer here, please feel free to reach out to us through the Live Chat window at the bottom of the screen or email us at

What is SoftwarePOP?
SoftwarePOP is a discovery + commerce engine for software and SaaS solutions. We make it super simple for you to find the best apps for your specific use case as well as purchase them at best available prices.

Wouldn't I just Google to find software?
Sure you could. But then you'd have to navigate through all blogs, youtube videos, articles as well. Not to mention you'd easily only discover those apps which do the most SEO. We help you find software. Period. That's our core competency.

How are your prices better?
We have signed agreements with software vendors where we commit sales volumes to them based on purchasing history that we have. Because of that we are able to negotiate better prices and transfer the savings to you!

How do I make a purchase on SoftwarePOP?
It's simple. Find the app that you are looking for and click the "Buy now" button. Complete the payment and you should receive the welcome kit and account setup information directly from the vendor - usually in just a couple of hours.

Who provides support for apps I buy?
The vendors provide support directly once you complete the purchase. Of course, we are on standby for any issues that you face - but all technical support on the apps are provided by the vendors themselves.

How do I get in touch with you?
You can either click on the Live Chat button you see at the bottom of the screen or email us at We endeavour to reply within a couple of hours at all times.