Our guarantee

A purchase that you make on SoftwarePOP is the start of a journey rather than the end of it. We stand by you at all times to make sure your objectives of buying a specific software are met while being as fair to our vendor partners as we can.

However, there are times when things go beyond our control:

> A product that doesn't do what it promises to.

> A vendor who is unresponsive to you.

> Unprecedented down times of the app that affect you.

We strive to resolve any issues you face while working with our vendor partners should you find them not responsive enough to your liking. At times, we even cancel an order and refund you the money if we find that the actions of a vendor partner are not in line with our accepted standards.

We guarantee that we will pull all stops to ensure a smooth experience of working with SoftwarePOP and our vendor partners at all times.